Big, If True

E63: The Winchester Mystery House

May 13, 2019

With the untimely death of her husband William in 1881, Sarah Winchester inherited partial ownership in the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, giving her more income than she knew what to do with. After moving to San Jose, California, Sarah would begin the seemingly never-ending construction of her labyrinthine Winchester Mystery House, providing builders with nonsensical instructions that included staircases leading to nowhere, doors that opened to more doors, hidden rooms, and many other architectural oddities. It's said that Sarah Winchester received instructions about the houses construction by the spirits of those who had been killed by firearms manufactured by her late husband's company, with Sarah attempting to appease and confuse the angry spirits through the never-ending construction.

On this episode of Big, If True, Matt and Kayla discuss Sarah Winchester and the events leading up to the houses construction, as well as the history of the Winchester Mystery House, theories about the house, and much more.

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