Big, If True

E78: The Roswell Incident

September 23, 2019

In July 1947, something strange crashed on a ranch outside of Roswell, New Mexico. Those who came into contact with the object described it as looking like nothing they had ever seen before, with foil-like material that sprang back to its original shape no matter what was done to it, and wooden beams that were impervious to fire and cutting. Rancher William Brazel, who found the object, brought it into Roswell shortly after its discovery, prompting military response. After a short period of media frenzy, the military revealed that the object was simply a rather common weather balloon featuring a radar reflector. In the years since, the Roswell Incident has lingered in the minds of those who want to believe we came into contact with something extraterrestrial that summer, sparking dozens of theories, books, films, and television shows in the process.

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