Big, If True

E80: A Brief History of Witchcraft

October 7, 2019

Since the dawn of man, humans have revered and feared those who claim to be able to influence the world around them through occultism. These alleged practitioners of magic were a major part of many ancient and early modern civilizations, playing important roles in the fields of science and medicine, bringing good fortune to citizens, and informing royalty. As the popularity of Catholicism spread throughout Europe, the image of the witch became much more sinister, seeing witches directly aligned with Satan, who commanded them to use their magical abilities for evil. This reshaping of the witch mythology led directly to the European witch hunts, a period that saw thousands of innocent people die in horrific ways. In this week's episode of Big, If True, Matt and Kayla dive into the history of witchcraft, specifically taking a look at witchcraft from ancient times to early modern Europe.

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