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December 16, 2018

What is the Big, If True Podcast?
Founded in January 2018, the Big, If True podcast sees hosts Matt and Kayla tackle a wide variety of conspiracy theories, cryptids, paranormal events, unsolved mysteries, and more.

What sets Big, If True apart from other conspiracy theory podcasts?
Two words: Tone and rapport. Matt and Kayla add their own unique comedic touches to the show, using their solid real-world friendship and rapport to craft a podcast that can serve as both funny and informative. As one loyal listener put it, the Big, If True is a conspiracy theory podcast “for dummies, by dummies”.

Who is the Big, If True Podcast for?
If you’re looking for an introductory-level conspiracy theory podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously, then the Big, If True Podcast is definitely for you! We do our best to incorporate things outside of conspiracy theories into the podcast, including paranormal activities, unsolved mysteries, cryptids, mysterious events, and other things deemed “cool” by Matt and Kayla – the podcast has a little something for all listeners!

Do the hosts of Big, If True believe in conspiracies and the paranormal?
Yes and no. The hosts of Big, If True go into most episodes with a heaping spoonful of sarcasm, a sprinkle of skepticism, and just a dash of hope – almost anything is possible, so we do our best not to write things off completely, no matter how silly they may seem at face value.

What makes the hosts of Big, If True qualified to talk about these subjects?
Nothing. We make this clear in the introduction, but we make sure to do our research and form our own opinions based on our findings. We implore listeners to do their own research and form their own opinions based on facts, information, and their own personal beliefs.

Where can I find episodes of the show?
You can find our show on SpotifyiTunes/Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsStitcher, and anywhere you listen to podcasts!

Does Big, If True take episode suggestions?
Yes. We value any and all feedback and requests from our listeners. If you want us to discuss a particular conspiracy theory, unsolved mystery case, cryptid, or paranormal event, shoot us an email at

Where can I find Big, If True on social media?
Listeners can follow and contact the Big, If True Podcast on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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